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Token Redemption Policy


This Token Redemption Policy (the "Policy") outlines the terms under which partners in the Free2Z platform (the "Platform") can redeem 2Z tokens ("2Zs") for a share of the revenue. This Policy is part of the broader Terms of Service of Free2Z.

Discretionary Redemption

The allocation of financial rewards in exchange for 2Z tokens within the Free2Z platform is a discretionary process conducted by Free2Z. This process is exclusive to our contractors and does not imply a general right or guarantee of conversion for all platform users. The decision to allocate rewards in exchange for 2Z tokens is made solely by the Company, based on internal criteria.

Redemption Eligibility and Process

  • Contractors who have accumulated a specified number of 2Zs may be considered for a discretionary financial reward by the Company, based on their contributions to the Platform. This consideration is not a standard exchange and is unique to the contractor relationship within Free2Z.

Revenue Calculation and Payout

  • The determination of financial rewards for contractors is based on a range of factors, including the number of 2Zs associated with their platform contributions.
  • The method of financial reward, initially envisaged as Zcash, is subject to the Company's discretion and may evolve in line with business needs and regulatory compliance.

Compliance and Verification

  • Financial reward considerations for contractors are conducted with due diligence, including necessary compliance checks in line with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. These checks are specific to the contractor relationship and are not indicative of financial transaction services.

Changes to Policy

  • The Company may update this Policy at any time. Continued participation in the revenue share program signifies acceptance of the new terms.

Governing Law

  • This Policy is governed by the laws of the Country where the Company is established.

Contact Information

  • For inquiries or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us at

By participating in the Revenue Share Program and redeeming 2Zs on Free2Z, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by this Token Redemption Policy.