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Token Sale and Usage Terms


These Token Sale and Usage Terms (the "Terms") govern the sale, acquisition, and use of 2Z tokens ("2Zs") on the Free2Z platform (the "Platform"). By purchasing, acquiring, or using 2Zs, users ("You" or "Your") acknowledge and agree to these Terms, which form part of the broader Terms of Service of Free2Z.

Nature and Use of 2Z Tokens

  • 2Zs are not a money instrument

2Zs are digital content intended to be purchased and consumed on Free2Z, and do not serve as a currency.

2Zs cannot be directly exchanged for items or services of value

  • Utility Tokens: 2Zs are utility tokens used within the Free2Z ecosystem, primarily for accessing services like content access, voting, and subscriptions. They are not currencies, financial instruments, nor transferable outside the Free2Z platform. 2Zs serve as a measure of user impact and platform engagement within the Free2Z ecosystem.
  • Internal Value Representation: While 2Zs do not hold value as currency or financial instruments and are not transferable outside the Free2Z platform, they can be used by Free2Z to measure user impact and revenue generation within the Free2Z ecosystem.


  1. Selling, offering to sell, trading, bartering, or transferring 2Zs to other users of Free2Z in exchange for (a) real or virtual currencies; or (b) any other items of value whether inside or outside the Free2Z. Any attempted prohibited sale or transfer will be null and void.
  2. Using 2Zs as a bet or wager or soliciting or accepting 2Zs for a bet or wager.
  3. Using 2Zs to engage in any fraudulent, criminal or other unauthorized activity, or soliciting or receiving 2Zs for any fraudulent, criminal or other unauthorized activity.

Exclusion as a Security

  • Not a Security: 2Zs are not to be treated as securities or financial instruments. They do not represent shares, stakes, equity, or rights in any entity.
  • No Expectation of Profit: Purchasing 2Zs does not provide an expectation of profit, dividends, or capital appreciation. They are solely for accessing and utilizing services on the Platform.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance with Financial Regulations: Free2Z operates in compliance with relevant financial regulations, ensuring that the issuance and redemption of 2Zs do not constitute operation as a money-service business or financial institution.
  • Compliance with Laws: Free2Z and 2Z token activities comply with applicable laws and regulations, especially those relating to digital tokens and virtual currencies.
  • Alignment with Legal Standards: All transactions involving 2Zs, including partner redemptions, are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Partner Program and Revenue Share and Token Redemption

  • Eligibility and Compliance: Partners in the revenue share program are subject to strict compliance checks, aligning with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Discretionary Redemption by Free2Z: The Company, at its discretion, may allow eligible partners to redeem 2Zs for a portion of platform-generated revenue. This redemption is conditional and subject to the Company's internal criteria and necessary compliance checks.
  • Redemption Process: The redemption of 2Zs by partners is a discretionary, non-obligatory process managed by the Company and does not establish 2Zs as financial assets or securities.
  • Redeemability by Partners: Qualified partners in the revenue share program can redeem 2Zs to claim a share of the platform's revenue. This redemption is completely at the discretion of the Company and is specific to partners who meet certain criteria and undergo necessary compliance checks.
  • Non-Security Nature: Despite their redeemability by partners, 2Zs are not to be treated as securities, shares, or financial investments. The redemption process is designed to comply with applicable legal standards and does not classify 2Zs as a security.
  • Token Redemption: Qualified partners can "burn" 2Zs to claim a portion of the revenue, which is conducted in accordance with applicable legal standards and does not classify 2Zs as a security.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • Non-Transferability and Non-Convertibility: 2Zs are not transferable or convertible into any currency or financial instrument outside of the Free2Z platform. Their use is confined to platform-specific functions and rewards.
  • Prohibited Financial Uses: 2Zs must not be used for financial speculation, investment, or any purposes beyond the intended platform-specific transactions.

User Understanding Acknowledgement for 2Z Token Usage

  • Acknowledgement of Token Terms: By acquiring or using 2Z tokens on the Free2Z platform, you acknowledge that you have read, fully understood, and agree to the specific terms governing these tokens, as outlined in the Token Sale and Usage Terms.

  • Acknowledgement of Token Nature: By using 2Z tokens on the Free2Z platform, you acknowledge their role as utility tokens for platform-specific activities and recognize that they do not represent monetary value outside of Free2Z.

  • Comprehension of Token Nature: You confirm your understanding that 2Z tokens are utility tokens within the Free2Z ecosystem, meant for platform-specific uses, and are not securities, financial instruments, or investments.

  • Recognition of Non-Financial Nature: You acknowledge that 2Z tokens do not represent any monetary value outside the Free2Z platform and that purchasing or using these tokens does not entitle you to any financial returns, including profits, dividends, or capital appreciation.

  • Acceptance of Compliance Responsibility: You agree to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in your use of 2Z tokens

Changes to Terms

  • Amendments: Free2Z reserves the right to modify these Terms. Continued use of 2Zs after such modifications indicates acceptance of the new terms.

Governing Law

  • Jurisdiction: These Terms are governed by the laws of the Country where Free2Z is established.

Violations of this Policy

Any violations or attempted violations of this Policy by you (or any third party acting on your behalf) will constitute a violation of the Terms of Service, including this Policy, by you and a material breach of any other applicable agreement, and/or supplements to any applicable agreement(s), with the Company.

Additionally, a violation may result in civil or criminal liability, and the Company, in its sole discretion, in addition to any remedy that it may have at law or in equity, may immediately terminate permission for you to use 2Zs. The Company may bring legal action to enjoin violations and/or collect damages caused by any violation of any part of this Policy.

Our failure to enforce this Policy in every instance in which it might have application does not amount to a waiver of the Company's rights.

Contact Information

  • For inquiries or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact us at

By using 2Z tokens on Free2Z, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Token Sale and Usage Terms.