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Core Values

At Free2Z, we aren't just building a platform; we're building a movement that thrives on mutual respect, creativity, and fairness. Our core values are the pillars that support this vision.

On Free2Z you are:

  • Free to Think
  • Free to Speak
  • Free to Succeed

Privacy πŸ›‘οΈβ€‹

Free to Breathe.

Privacy is at the core of everything we do. We recognize that for some individuals privacy isn't just a luxury, it's a matter of life and death.

We respect your right to privacy. We facilitate private p2p donations, support creating accounts without personal information, and we will never sell the minimal data that we do collect. From peer-to-peer donations to your viewing preferences, your interactions are your business.

  • Private p2p donations
  • Option of anonymous accounts
  • Zero data selling


Free to See.

In addition to safeguarding your privacy, we maintain clear transparency about how our platform operates. From our fair pricing to our revenue-sharing mechanisms, everything is laid bare for you to see.


Free to Trust.

No Manipulation

We believe in a level playing field. Our content ranking algorithms are transparent, ensuring that each creator has a fair shot at reaching their audience without manipulative practices. Free2Z does not take sides or attempt to promote a particular viewpoint or ideology (although we obviously have zero tolerance for any threatening or illegal activity)

User Empowerment​

Free to Empower.

You are in control. From customization options to a wide range of monetization features, Free2Z is built to empower you. The platform is rapidly evolving! Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Your Control

Free To Succeed.

  • Monetization Options
  • Creative tools to communicate
  • User-driven evolution

Openness and Growth​

Free to Grow.

We’re an open book and an open platform. Not only do we host bug bounties for community involvement, but we also actively hire from our user base and pay for valuable feedback.


Free to Feel Safe.

Your safety is our priority. We adhere to and exceed industry security standards to provide you with a platform where you can express yourself without worry.


Free2Z is committed to being accessible to everyone. Our platform should score 100% on accessibility tests, and we are constantly working to make sure everyone has equal access to express themselves.


We champion diversity. Free2Z supports maximum free speech within the bounds of the law, promoting a diversity of thoughts and opinions.

Innovation πŸ€―β€‹

From Zcash integrations, AI features, scalable live streams, to simple revenue sharing. Free2Z has unique and innovative features.

  • Zcash Integrations
  • AI features
  • Scalable live streams
  • Simple revenue sharing


While offering a host of features, we prioritize user experience through a clean and straightforward interface, ensuring you can focus on what matters most: creating and connecting.


We respect your time. Our platform is optimized for speed and ease, helping you achieve more in less time.


Our tools are designed to deliver results. Whether it’s monetization or community building, Free2Z provides effective solutions for your needs.


Quality is non-negotiable. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Reliability βœ”οΈβ€‹

Our platform is built to be dependable. When you schedule a live stream or release new content, we ensure your work is accessible 24/7.

Accountability πŸ’―β€‹

We stand by our actions and decisions. Free2Z is committed to accountability.