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Key Features

Free2Z offers a range of features designed to connect creators and their supporters. These features enable content monetization, direct tipping, and various other functionalities that will enrich your experience on the platform.

Creative Tools

Express yourself with a variety of creative tools that allow for interactive live streams, personalized webpages (zPages), and much more.

In-app Token (2Zs)

The multi-functional 2Z token, also known as Tuzis, serves multiple purposes—from content monetization to facilitating micro-metered utilities within the app (AI, Livestreams, comments, boosts, donations, etc.).

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Revenue Sharing

Our revenue-sharing model provides a transparent and fair way for qualified partners to earn a share of the revenue generated on the platform.

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Peer-to-Peer Donations

Support your favorite creators directly and privately using Zcash or other cryptocurrencies.

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