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Why Choose Free2Z?

Express Yourself

On Free2Z, you're Free to Express yourself. Creators can develop content and share it with their audiences in a direct and transparent way. High performing creators can also apply to monetize their content through a transparent and fair revenue share plan.

Escape Big Tech

Free2Z offers a sanctuary from the increasingly restrictive and monopolistic environment of big tech. Here, you won't have to worry about arbitrary censorship, demonetization, or opaque manipulation of content and rankings. We champion free speech and open dialogue within the confines of the law, providing you with a platform where your voice can truly be heard.

No Ads, Low Fees

Ads don't just irritate; they are eroding the foundational ethics of the internet. Free2Z takes a different approach, using microtransactions to fuel the platform. These tiny fees not only make the platform sustainable but also dramatically reduce spam and elevate the overall quality of content. While Free2Z services may require nominal fees, these are transparent and contribute directly to a more equitable digital ecosystem. Most big tech platforms are free because your personal data is being marketed and sold behind the scenes and because of increasingly invasive advertisements.

Fair Revenue Sharing

Creators keep 100% of the 2Z tokens that come their way—no cuts, no hidden fees. Top creators can apply to join our revenue sharing program. Our revenue-sharing model is transparent and straightforward, offering a hassle-free way for creators to earn from their content.

Fairness and Transparency

Say farewell to shadowy algorithms and hidden rules. At Free2Z, we're committed to transparency and fairness. This ensures that all users—whether creators or consumers—know exactly what they're getting, devoid of any hidden surprises.

Privacy and Respect

Privacy isn't just a feature at Free2Z; it's a core value. We collect only the absolute minimum amount of data necessary to provide our services. This practice doesn't just enhance your privacy; it makes it exceedingly difficult for your data to be misused or leaked.


Your security is our top concern. In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are becoming more common, we adhere to industry-leading security measures. Moreover, our first line of defense is simply not collecting data that we don't need, thereby minimizing the risk associated with data exposure.