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What is Free2Z?

Free2Z is a revolutionary platform designed to empower you and your community. With peer-to-peer donations, a revenue sharing program, and advanced creative tools, we enable you to monetize your work transparently and fairly. On Free2Z, you're not just another user — you're a partner in a collaborative and rewarding ecosystem.

What is the problem?

Big platforms censor. They manipulate content. They abuse your data. They sell your data. They track you. They take revenue that should be yours. They ban you. They demonetize. They debank. They deplatform.

Free2Z is the solution.

Free to Speak. Free to Earn.

Free2Z supports free speech and monetization to the limit of the law.

Who is Free2Z for?

Free2Z is a versatile platform for free thinkers.

Creators ->

"Creator" is a broad term. Who are these creators that Free2Z is for?

  • Independent Journalists: Uncovering pivotal stories, both award-winning and aspiring.
  • Opinion Leaders: Bloggers, vloggers, and influencers sharing insights and driving discussions.
  • Educators and Thought Leaders: Offering lessons and unique perspectives across various fields.
  • Creative Artists: Expressing unique visions through art, music, or performance.
  • Comedians and Entertainers: Delivering laughter and insightful commentary.
  • Tech Visionaries: Guiding the future with the latest in technology and software.
  • Lifestyle Advocates: Inspiring healthier, more adventurous living, from wellness to travel.
  • Cultural Commentators: Analyzing trends, films, literature, and more.
  • Community Builders: Activists and leaders fostering impactful conversations and actions.
  • Philosophers: Delving into life's questions and sharing wisdom.
  • Business Promoters: Showcasing products and services, from startups to online ventures.
  • Long-Form Content Creators: Producing in-depth articles, essays, and reports.
  • Microbloggers: Sharing impactful, concise content and updates.
  • Live Streamers: Engaging audiences in real-time across various topics.
  • Media Curators: Blending images, audio, and videos for rich content experiences.
  • Video Producers: Crafting content that informs and entertains, from vlogs to documentaries.
  • Podcasters and Audio Creators: Offering auditory content from podcasts to music.
  • E-commerce Innovators: Running virtual storefronts and interactive customer experiences.
  • Event Organizers: Promoting and streaming diverse events and webinars.
  • Tutors and Coaches: Providing courses and coaching in diverse fields.

If you're a creator looking to monetize your content, Free2Z provides you with a complete media toolkit in a box. Develop your own audience of followers and publish:

  • Long-form articles (zPages)
  • Videos on Demand and Images
  • Scalable livestreams and pay-per-piew broadcasts (F2Z Live)
  • Unique subscribers-only content
  • AI conversations to fork and comment on

The opportunities to engage with your audience are virtually limitless on Free2Z.

Supporters ->

On Free2Z Supporters are Free To Support their favorite creators.

Free2Z offers an ad-free experience, fair pricing, and low platform fees, making your support go further. Buy your favorite creator a cup of coffee or pay their rent, it's all up to you! Plus Free2Z makes it easy for creators to share unique members-only and paid content so that creators can thank their most loyal supporters.

  • Ad-Free and Fair: Experience a platform free from ads, with fair pricing and minimal platform fees. More of your support directly benefits the creators.
  • Support Your Way: From a single penny to significant contributions, support your favorite creators as you choose.
  • Privacy-Centric: No collection of personal data. Support creators while keeping your data secure.
  • Anonymous Donations with Zcash: Contribute completely anonymously using Zcash for privacy-focused support.
  • Credit Card Support: Traditional credit card donations are also supported for flexibility.
  • Interactive Livestream Options:
    • Broadcast Livestreams: Participate without logging in; ideal for privacy-conscious viewers. Hosts cover the costs.
    • Subscribers-Only Livestreams: Exclusive, interactive events without platform fees, available for logged-in subscribers.
    • Pay-Per-View (PPV) Livestreams: Engage in premium content with minimal fees and a host-set price. Qualified creators receive full revenue.
  • Hassle-Free Login: Simple and secure login process without needing email or any PII.
  • Exclusive Content Access: Special access to members-only and paid content, rewarding the most loyal supporters.

Anons ->

Empowering Anonymity on Free2Z: Your Voice, Your Privacy

Free2Z champions the principle that true free speech includes the ability to speak anonymously. In an era where self-censorship is increasingly common due to privacy concerns, Free2Z offers a haven for those who wish to express, support, and engage without revealing their identity.

  • Anonymous Discovery and Engagement: Browse and engage with content without the need for an account. Enjoy fast-loading times across various networks, including Tor, ensuring access and privacy.
  • Anonymity in Support: Make donations anonymously using Zcash, enabling private support of creators without the need for personal disclosure.
  • Private Crowdfunding: Raise funds or support causes anonymously. With Zcash, you can start crowdfunding campaigns without revealing personal information, upholding your privacy.
  • No Forced Doxxing: We believe in the right to support others without having to reveal your identity. Donating or supporting causes shouldn't compromise your privacy.
  • Freedom from Surveillance: Participate on a platform where your activities aren't tracked and your data isn't a commodity. Free2Z is a haven for those who wish to engage without surveillance.
  • Secure Anonymous Login: For those who choose to log in, they can do so securely without submitting any personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Supporting Free Speech: By enabling anonymity, Free2Z strengthens the foundation of free speech, allowing users to express and support views without fear of retribution or judgment.